Fedalei Statement on Final Benghazi Report Release

For Immediate Release:




Philip Chambers



SPARTANBURG, SC (June 28, 2016) – Citing Rep. Trey Gowdy’s televised admission on Tuesday that his House Select Committee on Benghazi is a “lousy example” of a partisan investigation, his challenger, Chris Fedalei, blasted the panel’s leader for wasting $7 million on a two-year probe that left his own constituents ignored on the sidelines.


“Trey Gowdy told ‘Morning Joe’ that his primary takeaway from his Committee’s costly and pointless investigation is that Congress isn’t capable of working together, even in trying to understand a tragedy that killed four honorable Americans,” Fedalei said. “He just told the world he’s a lousy leader.”


The 800-page report revealed nothing new about the attacks on Sept. 11, 2012, that killed US Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three others, Fedalei said, adding that Gowdy’s investigation lasted longer than the 9/11 Commission, the Warren Commission, and the Watergate investigation.


In addition, Fedalei, an attorney whose resume includes working on behalf of veterans, inmates, and minorities, said Gowdy has consistently neglected his district in his quest to become a Washington insider. The congressman’s failure to come up with anything not covered in seven previous investigations into the Libya crisis only underscores Gowdy’s admission to MSNBC Tuesday morning.


It’s obvious now that Mr. Gowdy only interest in taking this job was to advance his career instead of working to advance the pressing issues facing the people of South Carolina,” Fedalei said, “He says he took this job to hold leadership accountable. His extended record of wasting time and money on a prolonged partisan fishing expedition proves that he deserves to be held accountable himself.”


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GREENVILLE­SPARTANBURG, SC (April 15, 2016): With financial statements for the first quarter due today, the race for the Fourth District is starting to take shape. 

“Our progress has been phenomenal so far,” said Chris Fedalei. “We’ve already received a tremendous amount of support from people looking for change right here at home, and they’ve responded to our call to hold our representatives accountable by focusing on the issues that we deal with every day.” 

Fedalei’s support largely came from individuals throughout his District, with the average contribution totaling over $250. In total, a solid 81% of Fedalei’s donations came from within his home state of South Carolina. 

“It’s inspiring for me to see the level of support here at home. It demonstrates the power of our message, and also how ready the people of the Upstate are for a Congressman that truly represents their interests,” Fedalei said in response to his first quarter results. 

Conversely, incumbent Trey Gowdy, posted a total largely fueled by corporation political action committees and out­of­state donors. According to his quarterly FEC filing, Gowdy received roughly 75% of his total contributions from PACs and listed exactly one individual donor from South Carolina, who does not live in Gowdy’s district. 

“The people of South Carolina deserve representatives that truly reflect who they are. FEC reports are not the whole story, but the first quarter has shown us that the people of the 4th District are ready for new leadership.” 

In total, Fedalei raised $26,362.00, while Gowdy earned $38,838.00 during the quarter.