Women Speak Out Against Trump, Gowdy Silent

For Immediate Release:

Fedalei Statement: Women Speak Out Against Trump, Gowdy Silent

GREENVILLE, SC (October 13, 2016) - Last night, Donald Trump was accused of groping numerous women, including Miss Washington 2013, in stories by the New York Times and the Palm Beach Post.

On Tuesday, Rep. Trey Gowdy attempted to explain away his ongoing support for the most openly misogynistic candidate ever to seek the Presidency. The latest excuse that Gowdy offered to the Herald Journal was that Trump remains steadfast on “the issues most important to me,” including “national security, economic opportunity” and “the rule of law.”

As a former prosecutor, Mr. Gowdy should know that his continued support of Trump creates a permission structure for other men to engage in the same type of contemptible behavior.

The fact that women's rights do not rank high on Congressman Gowdy's list of priorities is unfortunate. It is also unsurprising.

South Carolina has the highest rate of domestic violence in the country, but that did not stop Trey from voting against the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act. The women in our armed forces have documented similar sexual assaults for decades and yet Trey still opposes measures that would hold sex offenders in the ranks accountable. Women continue to face discrimination in the workplace and a significant wage gap. In his six years in Washington, Trey has consistently worked against the kind of legislation that would give women equal pay for equal work.

Congressman Gowdy met reports of Donald Trump's repulsive conduct with indifference because, when it comes to women, indifference is his default position.