“The most fundamental duty of our government is to keep us safe. We can accomplish our security goals, but we have to be smart and vigilant, keeping up with the world as threats change and develop. And we can do this without giving up the liberties given to us in the Constitution. In the end, our security doesn’t depend on us being powerful, but on us using our power wisely.”


Few groups in history can match the barbarism of ISIS. Destroying ISIS must be a top national security objective for the U.S. and its allies. We can do this effectively by providing intel and overwhelming air support for friendly local fighters, letting them take control of their own destiny. This partnership has led to many military victories against ISIS, without repeating our mistakes of the past.


We must treat threats to cybersecurity as seriously as we treat threats from land, sea, and air. American businesses and government face attacks from foreign governments, criminals, and other nonstate actors. We must develop and cultivate the most advanced cybersecurity force in the world to remain the best protected country on Earth. 


The government should only be collecting information about citizens when it has a good reason to - that is the protection provided us by the Fourth Amendment. Massive data mining intrudes into citizens’ lives, which is why it’s so important to strengthen safeguards for privacy and accountability. Striking this balance is the key to securing both liberty and security.