Phone Banking Tips and Issue Talking Points


1. Remain Upbeat—Smile while you dial is a simple but exceptionally useful tool that everyone has at their disposal. It keeps you upbeat and your conversation warm. People will love to talk if they can hear the sincerity in your voice!

2. Have a conversation—The less formal you sound, the more fun you’ll have and the easier the calls will be. Introduce yourself by first name and let the conversation flow naturally.

  1. Connecting with the voter is always helpful. Your story is powerful and important! Tell them why you’ve chosen to volunteer for Chris and that will often be the most important part of their decision to support him, even more than his stance on their issue(s).

  2. The script is just an outline—let it guide you, but don’t feel as though you must depend on every word. It is helpful to know the pacing of the script and the questions that you need to have answered, so be sure to read it over a few times before starting!

3.Do not badmouth the opposition – We want the impression that we leave in people’s minds to be exclusively about Chris. Gowdy and his actions take that attention away, so try to maintain their focus on Chris’ platform and everything that the campaign is doing in the community.

4.Don’t be afraid to say ‘I DON’T KNOW’. If you’re asked a question you don’t know the answer to, direct the voter to the website or consult the issue pages. Reach out to the campaign staff for any further clarification that you need.

5.There are always other voters—If a voter is hostile or unsupportive, do not become discouraged! Phone banking naturally leads to interrupting people at inopportune times occasionally - just thank them for their time and move on. Take a few moments to consider what went wrong, how you can do better on the next call, and don’t stress. Remember all the excitement from the supportive calls!


Issue Talking Points

Check for more detailed statements

Chris’ Bio

  • Chris is an attorney and a Spartanburg local, moving to SC when his father retired from the Army, after being deployed to Bosnia during the NATO peacekeeping mission there.

  • After being sworn into the SC Bar and graduating from USC law, he moved to Greenville, where he now resides, and is campaigning full time.

  • His work has always been geared toward making public policy work for those who need it’s help: he’s worked with death row inmates studying their mental health, he helped establish and run a free legal clinic for low income veterans, worked for a veteran’s disability practice in Columbia, and he’s battled systemic poverty through impact litigation and powerful research. Chris has always stood up for those who have no one else to stand up for them.

  • He comes from 3 generations of Army officers from his paternal family (great grandfather Fedalei served in WWII, his grandfather in Vietnam, and his father in Bosnia). His maternal grandfather was the lobbyist for the Catholic church in DC and his great grandfather was a Congressman from PA.

  • Chris will be 27 when elected to Congress and he’s an avid soccer player.

Criminal Justice Reform

  • Repealing mandatory minimum sentences that exacerbate mass incarceration and putting more discretion in the hands of judges.

  • Reinstate federal parole to give deserving prisoners a chance to be live free and productive lives as part of their communities.

  • Abolish the private prison industry - incarceration shouldn’t be a business and there is a clear conflict of interest when private companies are responsible for locking up our citizens.

  • We must begin to demilitarize our police forces by ending the 1033 program that allows police forces to purchase surplus military combat equipment.

Veterans Care

  • It’s time to expand the budget for veterans and modernize the VA - that means more staff for shorter waits, competitive pay for staff retention, and no more paper records! Our veterans deserve, and have earned, the best care we can provide.

  • Improve mental health care support and diagnosis for soldiers who return home from war with trauma and PTSD. As prevalent and devastating as a normal injury, we must treat mental illness treatment like we would any other wound to our soldiers and vets.

The Economy and Jobs

  • Reduce burden on small businesses through fair corporate taxes. Higher earnings should you not be able to buy you a lower tax rate.

  • Targeted infrastructure spending so SC roads encourage businesses to invest and allow our production to grow. Federal funding for these improvements put South Carolinians to work and can help our economy flourish.

  • We know that the workforce of tomorrow is in school right now - we want to equip them for success by providing equal education regardless of property taxes and school district. That means universal pre-K, competitive teacher pay, and more funding for vocational and community colleges.

  • We have to work to reduce the national debt through lower deficits and create a sustainable spending culture in Washington.

  • It is important to protect workers rights and their ability to negotiate for fair wages.

Civil Rights

  • The struggle to ensure equal opportunity for minorities, women, the LGBT community and many others is still ongoing and we must do everything in our power to support them. We cannot rest until all are truly equal under law.

  • We can combat inequality by focusing on criminal justice reform and education funding. Targeting our focus and resources on communities that have been victimized or marginalized for far too long.


  • All people deserve healthcare, and we should work to continue expanding access to quality healthcare.

  • It’s important to focus on reducing healthcare costs for small businesses by allowing Medicare and other federal programs to negotiate with insurance companies.

Foreign Policy

  • America must use our power wisely and effectively to defend direct threats to American interests and nationals.

  • We must continue to combat ISIS by providing close air support for local fighters, and we should only commit American ground forces to conflicts that would directly defend American lives.

Gun Control

  • We must require background checks for criminal records and mental health

  • It’s important to support the 2nd Amendment, like all our other Constitutional rights

  • We also must close the gun show loophole. We cannot allow anyone to buy or sell a gun for cash without any form of regulation.

  • However, Chris does not support outright bans for assault weapons or specific magazines, and opposes creating a national gun registry.

  • He is a NRA Lifetime member who supports the mission, but is frustrated with the brand of advocacy that has come to define the group.