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Chris Fedalei is a young South Carolina attorney, Spartanburg local and fervent advocate for underrepresented members of the Upstate community. 

A graduate of the University of South Carolina Law School, Chris has spent his time and energy fighting for the rights of South Carolina’s low-income, minority, and immigrant communities. With no time to waste, he has returned home to the Upstate with the ambition to better his district and speak out for marginalized communities within South Carolina by being elected to Congress.

Chris brings better ideas, a more effective approach, and greater focus on the issues that actually matter to the Upstate. He is solution-oriented, enthusiastic about building up our communities, and driven to make a real tangible difference for our district.

"This campaign is about making sure we listen as much as we speak, focus on what matters, and reject the idea that one person’s gain must be another’s loss." 

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